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Just a brief story about this girl above , her name is Leilani. Born and raised in Hampton,Va and left to Atlanta at the age of 26 years old in 2017. Suffering from trauma and learning what unwanted energy was I found a spiritual way to go about moving on with my life holistically. I then started with yoni steam in 2018 loved the idea of being able to use herbs for internal difficulties and spiritual connects that weigh on us. I learned about every herb that benefits the body and I then found more holistic ways to heal the womb. Soon after I found herbal tampons (yoni pearls) which really took off immediately and were a huge hit. Fast forward to ONE year later I then came up with yoni oils to complete the care package for the vagina 🐱. Super quick results and amazing reviews from customers and friend from all over. I then decided to use my very own recipe to exfoliate due to my severe eczema and sensitive skin , It made me so insecure but once I noticed my own “DIY” remedies were super helpful I had to add to the LEIYONISDETOX co. LINE. I’m mentally super creative and come up with limited editions often so stay tuned .. Now here I am thriving and loving what I do. I legit get excited to hand create EVERY LAST ORDER .

if your reading this I send peace to you and all you do. ☮️ ❤️ 🌞



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